Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kerala Trip and a Wedding - II

Socho ke Jheelon ka shehar ho..
We all slept like babies the night we reached Kottayam. "Sleep like a baby" was not quite understandable by one of the gang members, so he interpreted it as "Bed wetting" while sleeping (because babies do that). So, sans the bed wetting, we indeed slept well.

The next morning, surprisingly all of us got ready without being cranky about who would go first to the bathroom and who would use the mirror first. We girls, for a change did act less complicated...Yay!! :)

So the next agenda for the day was to pay a visit to the bride. But we were told that someone was busy confessing at the church. The idea was really exciting, because none of us had done it before. And we wondered how long would it take for paapis like us to confess it all. So we kinda internally made up our minds not to think about it and just then my mind spoke out loud, "Bleaaaahh, No regrets in life!!” (And now when I sit and wonder.....Gee :P, Thank God I don't have to it ;))

So we went ahead with plan B. We were in Kottayam and we wanted to explore the beauty of the place. The gang leader's position was taken by Cheta/Yeta (that's what they call "Bade bhaiyaa" in kerala, but he is no bhaiyya to us, mind you!! ;)), because he was the only fluent Nagpurian with a fluent Malayalam.

And then we were told about all the places where we could go to, and some people were as usual "tthagg"ing us by quoting exorbitant rates for site seeing. But finally Sunny Uncle suggested that we go to Kumra..kuraama...krukom....kumarakom (yeah, finally) Kumarakom Backwaters. Yes, we did struggle for a while to get the name right.
We paid mere 45 bucks for 7 people and reached the backwaters in 45 min. My heart was almost in my mouth for the entire 45 min. The Bus driver had probably mistaken himself for a Pilot and the road for air. Alas! We had no seat belts and we had borne the brunt.
The roller coaster ride seemed all worth when we reached the backwaters. We got on the motor boat immediately. The house boats were very attractive, but it was probably meant for some other special occasion and a better company... and we were 7.. Not a good all....

Before we could explore the place, we started posing for photographs, and like one of us would say, "I am just checking whether the camera's working fine or not!" So we clicked around 20 pics until we discovered the distance the motor boat had covered and left us amidst breath taking view of the backwaters which spread up till infinity.

It was beautiful. And while we were allowing the feeling of ecstasy sink in, someone suggested a song and the singer lady of our group began "Socho ke jheelon ka shehar ho...lehero pe apna ek ghar ho....", and dreamers like me slipped in a reverie.. Nature had cast a spell and I was in love with it...

And while I was narrating this incidence to a friend back home, he suggested that, we could have also sung "O maajhi re..."

Yeah, we could have...

...apna kinaaraaa....nadiyaa ki dhaara hai...