Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy Innocence

*Ken passes a paper to Betty*
                "Ken, What is this?"
*Ken Smiles*
*Ken Smiles*
                 "Stop smiling! What is this? A colon, dash and closing parenthesis?"
"It's a smile, dumbo"
                  "How can this be a smile?"
"Let me show you"
* Ken draws “ :-)” *
"Now, turn the paper around and see"
                  "Ohh... So it means you were smiling"
"Yes. You are cooorrreeecccttt"
                   "Now how do I smile back?"
"In the same way. And I won't need to turn the paper round, like you did"
                   "Clever you! But, Ken, this smile-y, doesn't have a dimple, like yours. So it won't mean that you are smiling. Your's is different"
                   "But I love your smile. The one with a dimple"
"Umm.. You know what Betty, when Grampa gives Gramma a peck on the cheek, he says that he loves her wdinkles hide her dimples. And Gramma says that it's not the wdinkles but Grampa’s kiss which hides them"
                   “Really?.......Ken, can I hide your dimples too? Then this smile-y would be correct"
"That sounds good."

*Ken passes another paper to Betty*
                   “Semicolon, dash and closing parenthesis??? Now what does this mean?”