Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life: Part II

Hey, I just had this thought in my mind”


“I am 30, settled. I have worked my ass off for almost 7 years now..... I need a break!”

               “Yeah, I bet you do!”

"I think I should get married”

              *Oh My God. Will he pop the question?*

“Yeah, let’s meet tonight. I need to sort a lot of things before that”


“Oh, not on the phone. See you at Karims’, 8.30?”


               *And people said I was a fool to wait. It’s all worth it. Thank you God, finally it is happening*

“You look great”

              “You too”

“Ok, settle down”

              “So what are the things that you want to sort out?”

              *Hands in his pocket? Geeee…..The ring? I don’t want this…but I so want this*

“Anything wrong?”


“Are you comfortable?”


“So, I was thinking that I’d need your help in withdrawing my finances. And help me finalise an apartment”


“What ya? You are in this business and I want you to suggest me a place which would be the best. 2/3 bhk, maximum 60 lakh. An Architect friend should be of some use ;)”

                “Ya, ok”

“What ok?”

                  “I’ll let you know the details in a day or two”

“What’s wrong, Mira? Everything alright?”

                    “Absolutely. So what next?”

“This girl. My mum showed me her photograph. She’s a doctor. Physiotherapist. I think I will settle down with this match.”

                     *Kidding, are you?*

"And everything is going as per my plan. Engagement in 3 months and wedding in another 6 months. So I kind of have almost a year to buy an apartment. I have spoken to this lady twice or thrice. She’s sweet.”

                      “Really? Great!”

“So, parents are happy, grandma’s happy and I am sure you are happy too”

                      “Of course. So now it’s Life: Part 2, huh?”

"Yeah, like we’d always discussed. I hope this is as beautiful as part 1 was. The ups and downs have been satisfying and I am game for it yet again.”

                      “Am sure you’ll do well.”

“And you are 30 too. Speed up girl and finalise a guy. If you have so many conditions, then…sllurrrrrpppp…..this soup is f***ing hot…. Water…”

                       *Conditions, yeah!!*

"So, have you considered any new matches?”

                        “Yeah. But they don’t fit in my conditions.”

"Ok, today finally tell me what your conditions are? You’ve never told me”


                         “What’s wrong with the sizzlers? The fumes are hurting my eyes”