Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6th Dimension

This is an entry that I posted at Aniket's Website. There's a prompt every 15 days and you can post upto 1000 words of fiction. This is sheer fun. :)

This is my entry for the following prompt.

How do you feel?”

“Incredible. I cannot explain what it felt like”

“When you detach yourself from all the things, both good and bad, you reach your original state.”

“Original state?”

Original state of existence.”

“What does that mean?”

“Let me show you something…
What do you infer from this picture?”

“Some galaxy or universe… Distant. Your NASA people do this. Don’t they?”

“Yes, we scientists do that. But this particular picture has something special.”


“Yes, observe closely.”

“No, Sir. I can’t make out”

“Have you studied the Big Bang theory?”

“Yes. It’s the theory of early development of the universe”

“Yes. This is a mini big bang happening here. We are anticipating a formation of planets in this area, you see..Here, here..”

“And when will that happen?”

“It will take a million years, 2, may be 3″

“But…what is the co-relation between the session we just had and this universe and planet theory?”

“Ok. What do you think; this area would look like after a million years?”

“There may be a few planets, huge bodies, revolving, suspended, and doing their own thing.”

And what is it now?”

“The smaller bodies, they look like granules, light, free, disoriented. They’d come together to form a bigger mass”

“And what would the huge mass consist of?”

“Mass… would contain…mass, all of these, together.”

“Possible to disintegrate?”

“No, unless there’s another big bang”

The planet which will be formed after a million years from now, is now in its purest state. Disassembled. Disintegrated. Disoriented.”

The original state of existence?”

We have an analogy. Human existence and everything else in the universe. Can you tell me what it is?”

“Probably, when we are born, we are in the purest state of existence without any influence of the outer world. And then we grow we get grosser and grosser and become different from what we were originally.”

“And what is it that makes you gross?”

“Desires, wants, greed..”

“Even love, gratitude and kindness”

“The good qualities?”

You never get gross in good sense or bad, you just get gross.
And what we did was, we tried to find a way back to nadir. The start.”

“How would I know I have reached the goal?”

“That’s the fun. When you think you’re there, you’ll realise you are about to start another journey”

“I don’t get it”

“You will. That little bit there will take more than a million years to integrate and another million to disintegrate. We have a vaster universe within”.

“I get you Sir.
Is that what we call mastering ourselves? Or Self-realisation.”

“I am a scientist. And I simply call it a ‘journey to the 6th Dimension’.”

“6th dimension?”

“You want to do it again?
Close your eyes….”