Thursday, May 06, 2010

Were we better off in Stone Age than we are now?

I was having a candid mail-chat with one of my buddies and he happened to mention something very interesting and genuine. Everybody keeps getting a feeling, but seldom do we pen it down or express it through writing. Well, it was a casual discussion which turned into something this profound.

Were we better off in Stone Age than we are now?
-By Rohit Khedkar

The other day I just went roaming with some friends of mine, I lead them to some unexplored area on the roads of Mulshi. What we discovered was a small village with population no more than 70 people; no electricity; small homes with thatched roof and tranquility in the atmosphere. There was a small pond surrounded by lush green small farms; growing brinjals and corn.

There was a big mango tree around which some kids were playing game like we used to play out-out; vish-amrut and all; they didn't have the comfort of having nike, reebok or adidas to protect their small feet but were blessed with a lush green blanket of grass by mother earth. These kids had something which I no longer see in the kids in my apartment or for that matter in the city.
In the evening, by 6:30pm - 7:00pm the village was engulfed in the darkness; I know it would feel eerie to be at such a place with no lights; but there was something awesome happened which I guess I really miss these days. The kids were called out by the elders to be taken to a temple on the banks of the pond and the prayers started.

The exemplary thing was that almost complete village was in the temple and it was no special occasion; seemed to a routine for the people of the village; no wonder the ambiance of the place was so amiable. I was just sitting there as if lost having no strings attached with the outside world; was definitely at peace. The full moon that came up in the sky; completed the picture on the nature's canvas. Just imagine; a temple filled with common people, people with faith, moon shining in its complete glory, the trees waving due to the cool breeze and this is scenario is replicated in the waters of the lake. The scene was nothing but enchanting.

Against my all wishes, I had to leave the place to be back in the city filled with useless honking and screeching breaks. Sometimes when i remember this trip of mine I wonder, were we better in Stone Age than we are now?