Monday, May 10, 2010

Plans and Atom Bombs

I'll label this post as The Great talk on G-talk. I usually end up having amazing chats with a few of my friends on gtalk. All the ladies (conversants, apart from me) will be referred to as 'Babe' and all the Gentlemen will be referred to as 'Dude'.

Me: so what's the plan for the day?
Dude: plans are like atom bombs
They just happen
Me: Atom bombs do not just happen...
They are thought of since long...and they are just "dropped". A plan cannot be ‘like’ an atom bomb? Duh!
Dude: I mean they can explode anytime
Me: yes.... “explode’ can be taken +vely or -vely
Dude: So plans are not planned they are dynamic and can explode anytime...all u need is good company...
Me: plans are not always dynamic. It is a relative term. Differs from person to person
Dude: Yes. For me planned plans never work.
Me: heheheeee
Dude: See I can explain
Me: But u have contradicted yourself!
Dude: let me speak
Me: go ahead
Dude: Now listen
Me: ok...
Dude: Definition of ‘plan‘is relative
Me: yes!
Dude: you can say you plan for your future
Dude: you plan for going on a vacation, or you’ll get married.
Me: yes.... but does it explode?
Dude: no... listen
Dude: I don’t plan. For eg. I planned I’ll go to Mauritius
But I don’t know what I’ll do there.
It will all happen according to situations and mood then.
Me: yes.... you need not plan that...
Dude: exactly
Me: so if I asked u what's the plan......
You should have answered...there's NO PLAN
Dude: I didn’t plan I'll have beer yesterday night
Dude: but I did, because I felt like having it
Me: yes.... exactly... That’s what I am saying, plans are not atom bombs...they are well decided things, which do not explode.....but are executed!
Dude: I don’t know what I’ll do the next moment. It’ll just happen.
Me: yes...don’t call it a “plan” then, call it “atom bomb”.
I’ll ask u the next time... which atom bomb are you going to explode now?
I won’t ask u about your plans!

(I get disconnected here)

Dude: Did u know beforehand when atom bombs were exploded in Mumbai.
No na?
You came to know when it happened.
It just happens and you know
In the same way, I don’t know which atom bombs will come my way. It may happen some friend of mine may drop in and I’ll simply go with him
So I said plans are like atom bombs.
You come to know once they have exploded or just before exploding.
Hope now you have understood something
Some people will be impossible
And I will always be so good and convincing.

Dude: Gone with the wind? Ok.. Bye.

(Dude logs off)
(I log back again)

Me: There was no atom bomb in Mumbai…. !!! Aaaarrrgghhhhh………