Monday, May 03, 2010

Let Go

I met a saint on my way to the club
I looked at him, he gave back a stub
Not with his wrist, but with his eyes
It had a wondrous million skies

He snapped his fingers and gave a smile
I was staring at something all worthwhile
I asked where he had come from
He showed me west and I saw a storm

The winds blew recklessly and in tune
I had never seen them but in June
The saint seemed to control the affair
With his calm, serene and intense stare

I asked him what did he intend
He smiled and I couldn’t comprehend
He said,”Let go, all attempts are futile”
I stayed still, wondered what was so agile.

“The storm will blow away the leaves
The trees will stand the roots won’t heave
Shred the connections, let the memories remain
Just like the fragrance of mud after the rains”

I turned towards the west and gauged the scene
I wondered how far the horizon’s been
I thought would it be difficult to carry on?
I turned my sight and he was gone

I went to the club and had a drink
I realised the value of a person can never shrink
I decided to let go the connections so strong
And let the memories help me carry on