Monday, January 04, 2010

New year!!

Heylo folks....
They say it's new year!!! :) I believe them!! Me is jobless again and am loving it!! I take this as another long hiatus, which i wonder will end when! (alliteration!!!)
This nice and wonderful break gave me a chance to meet a lot of my long lost friends!!

I had a school reunion and i met my batchmates almost after 10 years! We had a crazy get-to-gether. We loved talking and the time just wouldn't allow us. Nonetheless, i had a rocking end to 2009 and one of the resolutions that i made for this year is - to be more in contact with my school buds. They make me happy! :) (I can imagine my momma yell - enough of socializing!!)
Life's good, in general. But a few of my lovely friends are kinda trying to stay out of touch these days, reason being, that they are now married and have 'n' number of responsibilities. This is applicable to both, girls and guys! No complaints, though!

Like i mentioned, i caught up a lot of long lost friends, and one them insisted that i should give Dilbert a try! I am not much into comics, but trust me, i have started worshipping Scott Adams. He can so well evoke a sarcasm out of any plain situation.
So far, I've had an awesome start to the new year. The icing on the cake is that i am going to meet my Master on thursday!! :)
I wish you all have a splendid year ahead!!
Cheers! :)