Friday, January 29, 2010

Gossip Mongers

….”So what’s new?”, Maya asked again.

“I’ve already told you everything. What more?”, asked Harsh.

“Oh.. I got nothing to tell either”

“I had something to tell you, but I am not sure whether I should be telling you about it”, said Harsh.

“What is it? Tell me Tell me”, insisted Maya.

“Umm……”. Harsh thought for sometime before replying. “Let it be”.

“What the Ffffun…. in keeping a lady so frantic…”, she sounded irritated.

“But you have to promise that you won’t let it out”

“It depends….”, replied Maya.

“Forget it then…”, said Harsh, regretting why he took out the topic in the first place.

“Alright! I promise I won’t let it out. Trrrruussssttt me!”, she said emphatically.

“Ok. You know my Boss’s wife? She’s dating my HR manager.”

“So?”, asked Maya.

“My Boss’s wife is dating DEEPA. You get that?”

“Jeez!!, this is SOME news. I know Deepa very well. I thought she was married too.”

“Yeah, that’s the catch, Dumb head.”

“Oh! This is one gossip that I need to share with people who deserve to….”

“Shut up! Dare you tell this to anyone? Remember you promised”, yelled Harsh.

“Alright! You can trust me”, assured Maya.


“Hello, it’s me! How are you?”

“Hi Maya! I am good. So what’s new?”

“Umm…. Nothing much. Things are great!”

“I heard, Shalini’s getting married”

“Yes, and did you hear about Deepa?”

“Deepa? No! What happened?”

“She’s having an affair with Mrs.Bagchi”

“WHAT? Did you say “MRS . Bagchi?”

“Yeaaaah…. Can you believe that?”

“Who told you?”

“That’s not important. You have to keep this to yourself. Promise me.”

“Yeah, don’t worry. But Deepa was happily married na!”

“Ya….that’s the catch, you Dumb head!”

“Oh…..”, sighed Harsh.

“I feel so Good, Harsh!”, said Maya.

“You reacted just like you heard this for the first time. This has really put me to ease”, said Maya.

“Now I hope you won’t let this gossip to any of your friends”, asked Harsh, waiting for a reassurance.

“No, trust me. I won’t. I had to tell it to somebody and I feel lighter!!”, said Maya.

“…and I still wonder…why girls can’t keep secrets….”, questioned Harsh, heaving a sigh of uncertainty.