Friday, January 22, 2010

Dog's love

She always hated facing street dogs. The pets were acceptable, but she was never sure if she would own one, ever.

But one fine day, she fed a dog. It was a pet that was owned by an old couple living across the street.

The dog instantly developed a liking towards her. She loved the idea of befriending a dog, because she thought this was the time to fight her fear factor.

Every evening she would wait for the handsome Labrador and feed him some biscuits.
She thought dogs were better companions than humans. At least they never questioned. They only listened to everything the humans said.

The dog became a part of her life. She had unofficially adopted the dog, because it stayed at her place most of the times.

But one fine day, this handsome dog fell in love with a bitch, next door. The dog would come to this lady’s house everyday, but leave as soon as he’d see his love.

The lady thought, humans act like dogs, and we forgive them, a dog is a dog afterall…