Friday, December 11, 2009

From the Diary.....VII

I am trying not to look out of the window, but this is unbearable. It was going good since morning. I was sure that I wouldn’t write about the two anymore. But again I am glued to the sight outside waiting for the final colours of the canvas to be filled.

They have come on a motorbike today. So, today it isn’t an after meal walk. Oh it’s the meal today. They are relishing burgers. I wish I could tell them how bad fast food is for health. Alas, there are other things to worry about.

Is it my perception that is making the atmosphere so erratically serene or is it really quiet unlike other evenings? I should wait until they finish eating.
The dinner’s done. Geeta just threw her burger wrapper on the ground. Shubh gave her an irate stare, picked it up and is looking for a dustbin.

Its right here, son, under my apartment.
I watch him looking for one. He spots the dustbin that I want him to. He is walking towards my apartment, towards me.
I should switch on the lights. Make myself visible. I can see him clearly. Should I call out to him and say a ‘Hi’? How will he react?
While I am thinking about all this, I hear him talk……to me.

“Uncle, where’s the watchman?”
I am perplexed.
“He must be right there.. “, I reply trying to have a close look at him.
“Careful, uncle, the laptop might slip off your lap.”

I give him a smile as I realize that he conversing with the watchman, signaling for a match box.
He is a handsome lad, with mesmerizing eyes.
He walks back and occupies the seat next to Geeta.

They sit silently, staring into oblivion.
Silence is deafening. I want to hear them talk so that my interpretations get a direction. But seems, their souls are communicating today.

My bewilderment has no bounds. What’s the silence about?
Geeta is looking at Shubh. Shubh innocently hides his cigarette and lets out a fag on the other side so that it doesn’t trouble Geeta.

“What?”, he asks.
“Nothing”, she smiles.
“Want to go home?”, he asks
“I don’t know”, she replies.

And there is another long silence….

I am smiling….



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