Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the Diary.....VI

The incessant laughter drew me to my hot seat well before time today. The sun is about to set and the greens are still visible.

I did not have a peaceful sleep last night. The thoughts about Geeta and Shubh fighting made me hysterical. Stupid, it may seem, but I had no control over visualizing what would I do without them today. I was not expecting them at all.

But I realize one thing. I got to expect the unexpected. They are here. And Shubh is laughing heartily.

This is the exact converse of what I thought it would be. Geeta is walking beside him. They just gave each other a high-five.

What is the matter?
I realize I just hit the “Enter” key too hard. I am smiling. Can’t help it.
I am waiting for them to come within my area of perception.
I see them taking a sprint towards the bench.

“I told you, you would be miserable!”, Shubh started laughing again.
“I thought I might as well begin a new chapter at a place as wonderful as this!”, replied Geeta, in a serious tone.
“What you think is wonderful, may not be appealing to boys who are used to expensive coffee shops”
“It’s just me who can relate to all the nonsense that you do”, said Shubh.
Geeta kept mum. Is she about to cry? I cannot see her face clearly!
“It’s not going to be good without you! That’s what you’d told me?”
“ Trust me, had I been there I would have told him how special you are…”
“Really?”, Geeta asked candidly .

The laughter again put me in confusion. Geeta snubbed. She seemed at peace, but gloomy, and Shubh seemed overtly happy, but, I don’t know……was he sad?
He put his shoulder around her and they sat together. They giggled even more reading out texts from their cell phones…

Am I getting too involved? Is it really my business to know what’s going on between the two?
Yes, I think it is!
With confused thoughts and lots of curiosity…


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