Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From the Diary.....IX

The chronology of the events seems quite predictable. The boy has been visiting alone since last week. The girl’s gone. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him either. He brings his own lighter these days.

It’s not very inspiring. My mind is lost. I am trying to trace Geeta. Where must she be? She isn’t in town. She hasn’t been in town since a week. The chances that she will be back in town are very very low.

I did something extraordinary today. I walked down one floor, across the road, to take a walk. It was good to breathe the fresh air. I knew the reason why the place was so special. It was free of immensity. It seemed light, fresh and heart seemed at peace. Shubh noticed me. He waved at me, and the next moment I was occupying Geeta’s place.

He was typing something on his phone. The phone looked too big. I asked him what was he doing?

He smiled and replied, “Nothing, Mr. Kher.”

“Have you come alone?”, I asked

“Yes, Sir. My friend has left me all alone.”, he snivelled mockingly.

“Oh! I am sorry”, I replied in a sorry tone.

“Uncle, please don’t be. I didn’t mean that”, he tried to console me.

“She is doing great. She’ll be back soon. She’s busy with wedding preparations”, he replied.

“Is she getting married?”, I asked worriedly, realising that it would be the end.

“No uncle, it’s her brother’s wedding”, he replied smiling convincingly.

“What if she doesn’t come back?”, I asked him.

The look on his face is something that I can never forget.

I came back after knowing more about how his iphone works. It is much better than this laptop, though very small.

He was writing something very verbose in a little notepad. I couldn’t read it clearly though.

While I am writing all this, I can clearly recollect the expression he gave me. My curiosity has come to the point of saturation. I wish I could manipulate the actions of my hero and make him express his love to his lady. But I have no control over what will happen next.

I have been living an eternity waiting for Geeta, since a week. I hope the week doesn’t extend into an eternity for Shubh.

I can look at him type something on his iphone. I wish I could peep into it once and know his story….

Blessing to the two main leads of my life..

Love always,

Shubhashish Kher.


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