Wednesday, December 09, 2009

From the Diary...... V

The cool breeze is captivating. The night sky is beautiful. This is the perfect set-up for a hot tea and some snacks. But, all I can do is yearn for a treat. The doctor has imposed so many restrictions; that I can only look at my children enjoy it.

And of course the two youngsters! Today is one of those days again when they are late. They’ll be here soon.

I can see Geeta. But where’s Shubh? It’s been 3 minutes now and I am waiting for Shubh to enter the scene so that I can go on with my typing. But alas, seems it’s just Geeta today.
She’s talking to someone on the phone. Seems she’s talking with the young lad. What could have been the reason for his absence?

Geeta is conversing and smiling, occasionally grinning to the extent of covering her face with her palm. She is taking a walk, sans Shubh. She’ll soon come to my side of the park when I’ll get to hear what she’s talking and whom she’s talking to.

She’s stopped at her usual place and has taken her seat. I can hear her clearly. As usual, I am not able to make any sense out of it.

“It seems there is no point in waiting then”, she says, and snickers.
“No, No, I can’t wait until then.”
“Okhay, it’s deal.” She says mocking the other person. I realize she is not talking to Shubh.
“It’s not going to be good without you”, she says as a matter-of-factly.
“Me too”, she utters, and hangs up.
What did she reply to? What was the statement from the other end? Oh! This is frustrating.
I realize she is browsing her contact list to make another call. Her phone rings.

She answers, “Hello! I was about to call you”
“I was talking to …..”
“…and I have been here since an hour”
“I am not lying…”
“You don’t care?”

Who was she talking to? Was it Shubh? Did they just fight? No, they are not supposed to fight.
Where is Shubh? And why is Geeta leaving?
This is strange? And what do I do now?
Ponder over what must have happened? Seems I got no choice.
Hope they turn up tomorrow.
The wait will be agonizing.

A little less than love, and more of curiosity,


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