Tuesday, December 08, 2009

From the Diary..... IV

I wonder for how long they were chewing the fat last night. I woke up at around 1am in the night and found them still there. I was tempted to take my seat near the parapet, but I was very sleepy. The visitor had gone by then. The two sat there talking and laughing. The good moods did not seem to die away.

It was never about just an-after-meal-walk. They walked less and chatted more. My observation about the couple, no matter how hard I try, leads me to one conclusion. They are meant to be together. And what makes me assume that they are not together? - I don’t really know.

The lady looks stunning today. I have always maintained that girls look good in Indian attires. Nothing makes them look classic than a decent salwar kameez.

I see them taking a walk. I have noticed that Shubh always moves too fast, a pace ahead of Geeta. Geeta keeps pulling him back to maintain the tempo of her speech and her walk.

She is trying to explain something, highly intricate. Her gestures show that she is describing an accident.

While she is trying to portray the exact scene, Shubh is staring at her. They’ve stopped walking. They are right in front of my window and I can hear them clearly.

Clasp… he holds her hand. She is trying hard to go on with the story.

I am not sure what’s in his mind. He interrupts the story and makes her sit on the footpath, facing the open ground.

He is still holding her hand. Geeta seems helpless.

Perhaps she is thinking, “How can I avoid the inevitable?”
Shubh lets her go. He is apporaching her. She gives a confused look as her cheeks go pink. He whispers something in her ears. And she spanks him.

I can see him lighting his cigarette. Desperate fellow!
I am sure there’s some connection between the two. Call me conservative or whatever.

Blessings to the two main leads of my night life.


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