Monday, December 07, 2009

From the Diary…. III

So typical of the young generation to keep the oldies waiting. We never made anyone wait. We were punctual. My granddaughter was supposed to teach me internet. But she has not yet returned from her classes.

Geeta and Shubh are late. Don’t they realize that I wait for them?
No, actually they don’t. Why am I complaining?
I remember, the last weekend when they were here, they sat close, together. It made me wonder, whether they are friends, husband-wife, or a couple very much in love? It seems that they are merely friends. I wouldn’t be happy if they come to know that my interpretations were very conforming and my thinking, conservative.
A boy and girl can merely be friends, without having any strings attached. But I hope they get committed, someday. There is something that draws me towards them. The way Geeta smiles, when Shubh cracks a joke, or the way Shubh looks at her, when she explains things, proves that there is something hidden but will probably take time to surface.
I just said I am a non-conformist, didn’t I?
Time has been very kind. I am living life all over again.
They are here. Late. There’s a guest today. They call him Gaurav. They’ve taken their favorite place. Geeta is standing, facing the two young men. She is facing me too.
She is intermittently looking around. Will she notice me looking at them? I wish she does.
They seem to be enjoying Beer tonight. The talks will be interesting. I am trying to make out what they are laughing at? What may be so ridiculous? Well, the youth need no reason to mock a situation and make merry.
I wish to be there, on the other side of the road. But, it’s dinner time.
Like Shubh says, ‘let’s hang up’.


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