Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From the Diaries……. X

I feel happy today. I am still staring outside the window wondering whether the scenery will have any alterations today. It’s beautiful nonetheless. I wonder what must have Shubh been writing since all these days.

All the items on my to-do list are checked. I have another desire…. Well…. Life’s almost over, isn’t it? But I am living all over again.
This time, I keep my wish, a secret.


…… “So what if I am 80? We can still go on a cruise!”, exclaimed Mr. Kher.

“Are you crazy? I was married to someone else, Mr. Kher, and now, with you?”, asked Mrs. Sen.

“What’s wrong in reliving the old friendship? We don’t have companions anymore”, sniggered Mr.Kher.

“Well, there’s no problem, but on a CRUISE?”, exclaimed the old lady.

“Well, that was the deal, wasn’t it”, he smiled.

And both of them laughed heartily reminiscing their good ol’ days.

- By Shubhadeep Kumar.

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