Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the diary of an 87 year old… I

Day: Tuesday

Seems I am getting a hang of what they call a “laptop”. Raj, my son, gifted this and expected me to come up with a nice novel.
“Dad, wasn’t this one of the few things that you always wanted to do?”, he asked.
“Yeah, this was on my to-do list before I died”, I chuckled.
Alas, the death seems to be so near, and mind so in a quagmire, that any new idea cropping up in an 87 year old cerebrum seems a distant possibility. Nonetheless, this laptop deserves some attention too.
Its 9pm. Dinner’s done. I am waiting for the young chap and his girl to come to the park for a walk. They seem to love each other’s company. And I love to see them keep each other company.
They are late at times.
Seems, they must be working late. Or are have they gone for a movie tonight?
They never skip their after-meal walk!
Oh, there they come. They look good. Happy. The Boy’s looking extraordinarily fresh today. Did he skip work? He must have had a nice meal. Seems the lady cooked some nice stuff today.
As usual, they’ve taken their favorite place. I wish they sit, once at least, facing me. I would want them to know that they are a part of my night routine now.
I am glad the girl did not object the lighting of the cigarette, today. It made me happy.
“I need a fag too, dear boy” ;)
Happy smokin’ chap.
Time for me to wander in dreamland with my lady..
See you tomorrow.


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