Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sid: Where is Ana?
God: Ana…?
Sid: God you know it, don’t you?
God: I think I do… but what makes you ask me about her?
Sid: I thought she died before I did, so I thought you’d know where she‘d be.
God: You thought she died? Hahahaha…
Sid: She’s still alive? Ohh.. I thought she must have disappeared with the fags.
God: Indeed, she did.. A while ago. It’s been 3 years.
Sid: Did she leave any message for me?
God: What’s the fun, chap? I’ve never had anybody ask anything like this.
Sid: Well, that was our deal. And… you don’t worry God, Just tell me did she leave any message.
God: No...
Sid: No?
God: So shall we proceed? We have formalities to do.
Sid: Sure, Seems only I was looking for her. She never did.
God: You are supposed to rest for a while before you begin your next life cycle.
Sid: As you say, God.
God: And would you like to have some company?
Sid: Company?
Ana: Hey Sid, What are you doing here? Seems they’ve put me in Rehab. There’s no- smoking Zone everywhere out here in Heaven. Good to see you anyway. God made me wait this long. He said it would be three years until I’d get to see you again. So I waited for you.
God: She’ll never give up talking, Sid. I leave you guys to enjoy the bliss and togetherness, something you couldn’t do down there.
Ana: Thank you, God. You were right. This was worth the wait. Don’t you think so Siddharth…. And you know what when I got married, I only feared that….
But soon it got better……………….. and yeah……………I re-read the novel you gifted me..……………… ………..