Friday, September 04, 2009

Teachers' Day

Today was a very very special morning. I had a few students less in my class. I wondered about my capability of keeping them glued through the entire session. The attendance was varying and that gave me a pessimistic idea about my teaching abilities. But things were totally different. The absent lot came to me after the class and gave me an invitation for a teachers’ day function. They said they were preparing things for us and that was the reason why they had to skip the class. They said they would happy if I came over for a small function that they had organized for the teachers.
I slipped into a deep introspection.
Am I really a teacher? Am I really good at what I am doing? Do I deserve all the appreciation and respect that the students are giving me. A knock on the door brought me back to reality.
C: Ma’am, Invitation.
Me: Thank you so much.
C: We have something special for you. You have helped us improve ourselves and we want to give you something in return.

I was speechless.

I had another class after my morning batch. The next class was the concluding one for that batch. They wanted an extension. They wanted some more time so that they could learn things beyond mere nuances of communication, body language etc.
I always look for a feedback. But when I am asked for an extension and when students tell me that they enjoy my sessions and that what I say helps them improve themselves, I feel probably THIS is what was meant to be.
And at times like these, there is a reaffirmation of my beliefs and I am able to rinse out my doubts.
I pray sincerely for all my teachers who helped me become what I am today. Hadn’t they made a difference in my life, I wouldn’t have been able to do it to my students.
Happy Teachers’ Day :)