Saturday, September 05, 2009

My favorite 7 Places on Earth.

My favorite 7 Places on Earth.

1) Home : There is no place like home. Period.

2) St.Joseph’s Convent Girls High School, Nagpur:
I love every nook and corner of my school campus. From Prem nagar, to the girls toilet block, the auditorium, the classrooms, the place under the tamarind tree, the labs, the throw ball court, the assembly area, the school bell, the Chapel, and the staircase too.
There are so many memories that are very deeply engraved in my mind. The days that I have spent in school are so far the most amazing ones.

3) Reliance, Bavdhan, Pune :
This is one place where I would love to go back to for every birthday celebration and for no celebration as well. People talk about night life. We had a ball at this place. I still remember the intense discussions on life, career, and marriage. We have celebrated almost every birthday at this place. Cutting cakes, emptying beer cans and having fun like kids. This place was a hangout for us after a hearty dinner at our very own Spice and Ice (Bavdhan, Pune). The cool dudes would smoke out their frustrations and make the ladies glad by offering them peppermints. I can still recollect every tang of the food, and the peppermints. How we discussed about how our lives would be after a few years. The few years are over and lives are indeed different.
One very vivid memory at this place is the Dumb Charades game that we played. One of us was struggling enormously to mime out the movie “Desparado”. The links, the interpretations, the laughter on the stairs of Reliance, Bavdhan creates an unforgettable remembrance. This is one of my favorite places.

4) Vanaz, Kothrud, Pune:
The growing up part happened to me, here. Transformation from an enthusiastic girl to a responsible youth happened at this place. This place is an open land, more of a playground, with an open sky to look at. I somehow wonder that stars shine brighter there. It is nothing extraordinary, but it is beautiful. Perhaps, the companies I had made it beautiful.

5) Walkers’ Street, Civil lines Nagpur:
You find yourself amidst nature when you are on this piece of land. The trees are lush, green and welcoming. The chats, the workouts that I had here, with my friends are treasured.

6) SRCM Retreat Panshet, Pune:
It gave me whatever I wanted. I love this place.

7) Delhi:
Cousins, fun, food, hangouts, fun, cousins, fun….did I say Fun? Yeah… Fun J

The tagging business is fun. I thought I’d begin a trail. The lucky number for me this month is 7. So I have mentioned 7 of my favorite places and I am tagging 7 of my blog buds!!

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