Sunday, August 02, 2009

Thank you buds..

I tried writing something for all my friends. Nothing worked out.
The first Friendship's day message was from Malathi and it was B.E.A.U tiful. I thought I would artistically thank her, but like i said, i couldn't compose anything :(
Thanks Maloo for the wonderful message...

I never usually take calls once I am asleep :P. But i like being disturbed by Varu. He made the eve really special. There are so many things which cannot be expressed in words, but all I want you to know is that your friendship is treasured. Thanks for being there, boy :)

Nandy has been around like forever, and she kept on wishing me a happy friendship's day all night. It kinda sounded childish, but it was OK, coz it was Nandy ;) Love ya baybeh!

There are some unspoken things which you know make a lot of sense. And I know someone who is really really good at this - Muggs. Thanks for being there always!

Now some one did not call me and he called EVERYONE else :(
But i know what i need to know :), and now CDMA you should know that I am lucky to have you as a friend and my aide in crime and fun ;)

Rajesh is someone who can make you feel on the top of the world when you are deep in dungeons. He has always been a morale booster, my optimism tonic. Thank you dear. :)

Jincy adds soul to anything everything... I am still looking forward to something she said she would put up on blog.. where is it, girl? And thanks for being there always!

Robo has been there virtually and actually too, always. The communication is disrupted at times because of many things, but the intermittent conversations act as fuel for many days. Lets keep the jugalbandi going so that the unexplored keeps revealing itself. (@Robo: if you know what i'm talking about). Happy Friendship's day.

Manji - I miss you :) Happy friendship's day :)

Happy friendship's day to all of you : Debo, Pri, Viv, Harshad, Ranu, Rudy, Damini, Tresa, Amit, Kaveri, Vishvam.

The entire CB2 gang is like a constellation. You stand individually and shine and together you shine even more. Thanks for everything :)

My lifeline need a special thanks too : Ami, Piya, Tulip, Adi, Gibi - Happy Friendship's day.

And cheers to our lovely friendship. Thank you, Sunny, Pawan :)

A sincere feeling persists..
I have already thanked all my friends..
But I need to thank the One who sent all these angels in my life..
Thank you God :)