Thursday, July 02, 2009

Life's like that

I had been thinking about a lot of things these days. I was going through Sanil’s blog and I realised that all the answers to my questions were written in form of sunny-ologies – his posts.
The last four months have been really eventful. I was jobless for a month until I found myself doing what I loved most – interacting with people, taking sessions. Things were going great.
The next month I lost my grandpa. You have a habit of looking at the same people always, and suddenly you realise that the person is not going to be there anymore and you curse life. Well, I did that, for a few days, until I was called for a youth convention to Pune. It was a therapy. I met new people, made some new friends and realised the real goal of human life.
The trip to Pune also meant hanging out with my favourite bunch of people in the world – my CB2 friends. We had late night hangouts, bakar sessions, dinners, everything that could make us happy.
I also went to Mumbai with a few of my buddies and we had fun like crazy.
One evening when we were discussing about life and relationships, on marine drive, I got a call from home and I was told to rush home immediately because my grandma was very serious. She had been sick for 10 days. I couldn’t leave the same day, so I left for home a day later. I rushed to the hospital and it was the scariest scene of my life. I have always been afraid of syringes, saline bottles, pricks, the pain, the tubes and everything. My grandma was on ventilator I was told that she did not have much time.
I tried to look at her with courage. She looked back and tried to say something. She couldn’t. She kept on looking at me until tears rolled down her eyes.
She passed away that afternoon.
There was another trough and it was hard to accept her departure. She had been around, like forever, and now she won’t be anymore.

Coming back to Sanil’s blog, the two posts that really answered my questions were From the other side and Summation.

They say when you are trying to find answers to certain questions, you have to seek with an earnest will, and your questions will be answered.

The Rise and the Fall, the Crest and Trough are all part of life and trust me life’s like that… :)