Monday, June 29, 2009

Kinda Complicated.. ;)

“I lostttttt itttttt”, he said.

“I hope its the right person”, she tried to reaffirm the statement.

“Well, there is nothing right and nothing wrong, you know”

“Yes I do. Especially when a great human like you is philosophising”

He gave his usual sarcastic smile.

“You seem to be at peace with yourself now”, she looked at him.

“Yes, the ultimate thing lies within. It’s for you to decide what gives you peace, and what worries you”

“Ya, right. How does it feel like?” she curiously enquired.

“It’s like, it had always been there, forever, and now it is not. The chances that it will come back are nil”, he laughed at his own statement.

“You know it can, and you can lose it again”, she spoke as-a-matter-of-fact.

“I don’t want it back. It feels wonderful, trust me. You should try it sometime.”

“Really, but I chose to retain it until I find the right person”, she said.

“There is nothing right and nothing wrong, sweetheart…”, he went on.

She wondered why it is so difficult falling in love with someone… The little pumping organ keeps finding a refuge other than its own…. Kinda complicated.. she thought.

“I wish to lose it too…. – my heart”, she said candidly.

He started laughing… and laughed till he cried his eyes out.