Monday, May 25, 2009

Rapid Fire

I thought of interviewing a few of my favourite characters, rather people, who closely resembled the characters on my blog..

The Rapid Fire for Kim

Q: How will you describe yourself in one word?
A: Impulsive

Q: What would you prefer – A coffee date with your boyfriend, or girl’s night out?
A: A girl’s night out.

Q: Watching the Sunrise? Or watching the Sunset?
A: Watching the Sunset and waking up till I see the Sunrise.

Q: Matrix or Star Wars?
A: Matrix!

Q: Romantic novels or science fictions?
A: Can we have both in one?

The Rapid fire for Anuj

Q: Describe yourself in one word
A: Casanova

Q: What would you prefer, a mug of beer and a friend’s company or a glass of wine with your girl friend?
A: A glass of wine and a mug of beer with my girlfriend, who is a great friend too!

Q: Diplomacy or Straightforwardness?
A: Forwardly Diplomatic..

Q: Watching Sunrise or Sunset?
A: Watching the Moon..

Q: Romantic Movies or Science Fictions?
A: Sci- Fi, undoubtedly.

Rapid fire for Vallerie

Q: Describe yourself in one word
A: Infinite

Q: Newspaper or Cosmopolitan?
A: Cosmopolitan!

Q: Cast Away or If only?
A: If Only

Q:Watching Sunrise or Sunset?
A: The Sunrise.

Q: Love or Friendship?
A: Friendship!


Rapid Fire for Rishi

Q: Describe yourself in one word
A: Immaculate

Q: Tennis or Ice Hockey?
A: Ice hockey, but I love to watch women play tennis ;)

Q: One night stand or life long relationship?
A: I’d have to try the former to end up with the latter ;)

Q: Friends or Parents?
A: Anuj.

Q: Watching the sunrise or the sunset?
A: Watching the Sunset until it rises again :) :)

It was fun asking these questions to people who bore resemblance to these characters.

@Readers: I’d appreciate if you give your take on the following questions.
A Rapid fire for all of you :)
- Describe the blog in one word (yeah.. this should be a feedback)
- What would you prefer? Watching the sunrise or the sunset?
- A coffee date or a chat with your best friend?
- Basketball or Cricket?
- Movies – Romantic, Horror, or Sci- Fi?