Sunday, May 03, 2009

9: The Exodus

The girls turned out to be weak and docile. They feared facing their weaknesses. The lessons of life were giving them a hard time and they opted for escapism.

Kim had been living in the Orphanage for more than 3 months now. She had decided to stay with the other kids there. She was sure that she wanted to live with them. She decided to get her stuff from the apartment and shift permanently to the Orphanage.

She went in and knocked the door. There was no response. She took out her keys and opened the door. She called out to everyone, but it seemed that no one was at home.
She went to her room and she found a letter.

Hey Kim,
I am writing this letter because I had no guts to call you. I hope you are doing well. I cannot even say that I understand what you are going through, because I don’t. We couldn’t be there for you when you needed us. Don’t know about the others, but I was really scared, and now I feel like a fool.
Everybody’s left. Anisha has probably gone to her village, to her parents. Isha has decided to go to Canada to do a post graduation in Law, and so has Jai. Rhea has moved in with her new boyfriend. I am still living in the apartment, all alone. I couldn’t find better room mates. But presently I am away on a tour to the South Asian Nations for a project. I know you would drop in sometime, either to join me or collect your stuff. I am still optimistic about you hanging around as my room mate.
I have no idea when I’ll see all of you again. Life’s a bitch, and we are cowards. I hope everybody has their share of trials, because that’s how we’ll learn and come out to be really successful people in our lives. All I can do is Hope!
I had no idea that things would end this soon. The togetherness is irreplaceable. That’s the reason why I prefer being alone. Everybody has escaped the testing times. So have I. But I am proud of you. Hope you do well in life.
Oh ya, Mihir keeps dropping in. He’s a good pal. Now, do you want to stay back in the apartment? ;)
Take care,

Kim smiled. She played music on her iPod, while she collected her stuff.
Lately I've been trying
To fill up my days since you're gone.
The speed of love is blinding,
And I didn't know how to hold on.
My mind won't clear.
I'm out of tears.
My heart's got no room left inside.

How many dreams will end?
How long can I pretend?
How many times will love pass me by,
Until I find you again?

She hummed along….. Until I find you…..again….

PS: We realise the worth of people only when they are gone. And once we do that, we fail to accept it. These are the things that make us human. The connections that were bound to exist forever were broken voluntarily. The pages of life have a lot in store for these girls.
This blog is the expression forum for Anisha, Isha, Kim, Rhea and Vallerie. They are separated only to come together again.
The exodus, trust me, is temporary.