Friday, April 24, 2009

3: Measuring Infinity

Vallerie occupied the couch, Rhea and Kim were busy cleaning up in the bathroom, Isha went to sleep after throwing up and Anisha stood at the window watching the night transform into day…
Silence reigned. They had had a bad time. But they rested thinking that God wasn’t harsh on them, despite the silly things they did that night.

10 hours before:

“You jerk! Had it not been me, you wouldn’t have tasted elixir. I showed you what heaven is, I took you to your fantasy land. I let you screw me up…. Dammit!!”, yelled Rhea , “Get me another tequila..”

Rhea hit Som hard. Som hit her back. Vallerie came in and resolved the tiff. But They had broken up by that time.

Isha was weeping at the bar counter when Vallerie interfered.
“Are you ok?”, she asked.
Isha looked awkwardly at Val, smiled with swollen red eyes and said ,” You know Val, you suck big time.”

Vallerie despised her.

Anisha never spoke to anyone about anything. She used to express disgust, joy, frustration, every other expression, through her eyes. Words hated her.

Kim was a maniac. Either she would love in extreme or hate till death.

The limits for either of them were infinity… Difficult to gauge… and so was the depth of emotions…. be contd