Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time Please....

Once upon a time, when my little piece of brain was tired of everything around, and wanted to do something nice and creative, it decided to try hand at painting... But I failed miserably. I couldn't be as good as the other artists I knew and I felt bad about it. I ended up coloring the page with shades of black, blue and red. I couldn't let go this one creation, so I wrote my perception of the painting... it served as an alibi... and to some extent i was spared of the critique....
Novice, that i am... i sincerely apologize, if this painting doesn't appeal to the veterans...

From Birth to Death
From Struggle to rest
From darkness to light
Is my journey of life
From infinity to cipher
A sublte effort to differ
To win in all times of strife
Is my journey of life
From Black to Blue
From the Red that's true
Again from the Red to the Bright
Is my journey of life....