Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In or out?

Far, very far, I have gone long way ahead..
The distance is almost a light year…
I cannot come back, I know not the way..
I fear looking back… at the darkness I left behind…

Slow, very slow have been my heart beats…
The blood pumps without stirring your home..
Comfortably you reside there
In a universe as big as my fist….

I hit my left hard..
For you to know, that it’s time to leave…
But the light years contract into a miniscule
And I find you sitting next you me..
I feel like holding my breath and freezing my heart…
So that you find a way to step out..

But that is another journey
I wonder how far I’ll have to trek
And how many eons will it take to vacate
The little universe within….

The left aches the right way..
And decides to hold you till it completes it journey..
Till it stops beating… till it ceases to love..
Till I decide to take a path towards darkness…
And then the eternal light….