Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8: Understanding Uncertainty

The dawn was inspiring. Kim saw the sunrise, and saw it rise entirely without hiding behind the monsoon clouds. She thought about all positive things. Farah’s health and then her suffering. She thought when she will be relieved of all her pains. She had already prayed for it.
The girls got up one by one. There was a knock on the door. It was Eric.
“Kim?”, he asked Isha.
Isha gave a weird look. She hated him.
“Kim, Eric’s here”, she called out loud.
The look on Eric’s face was horrifying.
“Is Farah Alright?” asked Kim.
A tear twittered out of Eric’s eyes.
Kim wept; it was difficult to console her. She had lost her baby. She remembered the first time when Farah held her finger and she wouldn’t let Kim go. That was the moment Kim thought that she would be a foster parent to Farah.
Eric held her close. Isha was entirely clueless. Anisha, Rhea and Vallerie rushed to the living room to see what was going on. They had no clue either.
Eric told them what had happened.
Vallerie cried. She hadn’t cried in a while. More than anything else she cried for herself because she knew what losing a closed one was like. She had lost a friend in Jai, because of Isha.
Rhea wept, because she felt small, she had only thought about herself all her life.
Anisha held her tears back. She thought about all the love she refused when her parents offered her good things. She chose independence over love.
Isha felt guilty for being inconsiderate. She hated herself for making derogatory remarks about Eric and Kim.
There was no consolation from anyone, because everyone was hurt.
The girls had no idea that this would happen. Uncertainty was creeping up. It was getting difficult for them to understand relationships, and life.
But life had decided to teach them lessons the harder way. They just failed to understand.

To be contd.