Tuesday, April 28, 2009

7: The memory game

“Where had you been all night, Kim?”, asked Rhea.

“I was with Eric”, replied Kim.

Isha and Rhea gave a dubious look. The murmurs disturbed Kim, but she did not care to clarify.

“Let’s start another round of the game”, said Anisha.

“Kim… Come join us..This memory game is fun..”, said Vallerie.
There was no response.

“Let her be, we’ll begin”, said Isha.

“Let’s take names, this time”, said Rhea, “Anisha we’ll start with you”.


“Anisha, Mihir”, said Isha. Anisha smiled.

“Anisha, Mihir, Rhea”

“Anisha, Mihir, Rhea, Isabella”

“Anisha, Mihir, Rhea, Isabella, Isha”

“Anisha, Mihir, Rhea, Isabella, Isha, Jai” said Isha.

“Anisha, Mihir, Rhea, Jai, Jai, Jai…..”, went on Vallerie.

“You’ve lost the game,” said Isha, “Val is out”.

“What do you mean I have lost the game?”, Vallerie repelled, “I could never be a part”. She left with tears in her eyes.

“Rhea now you better don’t take Som’s name, else we will have some real quick elimination”, sniggered Isha.

“How dare you?”, yelled Rhea.

Kim heard the voices and felt that things weren’t going great. She prayed for Farah, and her roommates. She hated the negativity that was penetrating through the walls.

But the game seemed to have ended, and so did the goodwill.
to be contd