Friday, April 24, 2009

2: The Good Samaritan

The argument with the police constable was getting worse. Anisha felt that her dire attitude towards the law had indeed worsened the situation. She was feeling helpless. The other girls kept looking at the lady police, and occasionally at each other.
There was a silent connection that was being developed. The distant proximity did not literally seem distant anymore.

“Ladies, do you need some help?”, asked Mihir, as he stopped by the accident spot in his SUV.

“Yes we do… Have I seen you before?”, asked Rhea.

“Yes, I guess we stay in the same scheme. I stay in the B wing”, replied Mihir.

“He’s the same guy who wears pink boxers..”, chuckled Kim.

“You bet…”, swore Vallerie, staring at the handsome guy who had come to their rescue.

Mihir ignored the passes and went to the cops. He had a nice cheerful discussion with them. Nobody knew what stories he made up, but eventually the girls were allowed to leave. The Car was badly bumped. So they got into Mihir’s car and he drove them back home.

“Would you like to have some coffee?”, asked Mihir.

“Thanks for the favour. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere…and….”, said Anisha.

“Please don’t mention it..”, smiled Mihir.

“These girls are throwing up, eewkss…”, yelled Vallerie.

Anisha was too busy to give back a care. She shook hands with Mihir as she saw him off.
There were some connections being made, some were god sent, and some weren’t….

To be contd….