Thursday, April 23, 2009

1: Distant Proximity...

“Relax!”, said Anisha. “You don’t have to worry about the repercussion.”

“What if you are asked to pay the fine?”, asked Rhea.

“Well, there won’t be Dutch. I’ll give it all.”, said Anisha, “It’s my fault”.

Kim was devastated. She had no idea what a police station in reality looked like. She had only imagined it the way they showed it on television.

“Don’t we have any other way out? Bribing looks very derogatory to me”, said Vallerie.

“Val, don’t give me any of those values, morals and ethics shit at this time of the night. Please spare us and shut up”, snapped Isha.

The lady inspector came hopping towards the girls. The bonnet of the car looked like a crumbled tin sheet. The tyres of the cycle, under the car, were separated into two. The man was bleeding profusely, but he was busy fighting for a compensation for the broken cycle. Fortunately, he wasn’t dead.

That night Anisha wasn’t driving the car, it was the vodka that had the steering wheel in control. And then, the drunken ladies messed it all up. Vallerie was the only one who never got sloshed. But that was not of any use, because she did not have a driving license either.

The five ladies were mere acquaintances. They hated each other for obvious reasons. But destiny had something else in store for them…. That night they faced the first quandary, in an alien city, together…..

To be contd..