Friday, March 06, 2009


I am almost a year old
And that’s what mamma told
But I can’t walk like the girl next door
“You’ll have to wait for a few months more”

I am six and I am tall
I want to be smart and play football
The ball wouldn’t go to the goal
“You are not yet fit for the role”

I am ten and I have a bike
I can do whatever I like
I fell and hurt myself so bad
“The wound will cure, don’t be sad”

I am sixteen, I sing so well
I can serenade my love – Michelle
But she broke my heart, miserable I feel
“You’ll find love again, your heart will heal”

I am twenty, I have my dreams
I want to conquer all realms
I know not where I should start
“Trust in me, just hit the dart”

I am twenty and six, and still confused
I think of all opportunities I refused
I feel dejected, I am in pain
“You will be in good spirits soon again”

I am seventy and I miss a voice
“You didn’t hear me friend!, when I made noise”
I want to live the years that were mine
“I cannot take you back, because I am TIME”

Why did it go so fast for years forty and four
I wish I could get some time more
“You don’t have me for very long
Even if you serenade me with a song”

You spoke to me when I was down
“Giving you hopes in times of frown”
You gave me lessons, but I would whine
“I am your teacher, child, I am TIME”

I know why it was right when it was wrong
Why I was weak when I needed to be strong
All lessons were intriguing, difficult but sublime
I live and marvel at the wonder called TIME.