Saturday, March 07, 2009


“I promise you a fantastic time. Trust me. You will never regret this.”, said Joe. He was desperate to take her out that night. He wanted her to see what made him happy when he was sad.
“I guess it’ll be too late and I’ll have to return back soon”, said Amy with an obscurity. But somewhere deep within she knew that one trip to Joe’s Therapy place would take her out of her blues.
Amy was sad. She had lost a few games in life; she had lost her loved ones too. She was sobbing and trying to hide her face from every flash light that zapped her while she travelled from her workplace to home in the bus.
She slipped her phone into her wallet when it vibrated again. It was Joe.
“Go home, change your clothes and I want to see you at the depot in 10 minutes. End of discussion.”
Amy had nothing to say. She went home, washed her face, applied kohl to fake the freshness and reached where Joe was waiting for her. She seldom cried in public. And when she did, everybody would come to know that something bad had happened.
She wanted to spare Joe the horror of consoling a crying lady. Men usually hate that, she thought.
Joe got on the bike; he never rode bikes meant for girls. He preferred being a pillion.
As soon as they headed towards Joe’s favourite hangout place, she started feeling an optimism that was missing since long. Joe started yapping about all the non-sensible things he did that day. Amy smiled, laughed and smiled again and then laughed out heartily.
Joe’s hangout place was a playground. It was beautiful. You could see the clear sky, stars shining brightly, moon having a romantic tryst with the stars, sight of the planets, far far away shining in bright colours of red and blue…. It was beautiful.
Joe looked at Amy, and then looked above, at the sky. Amy joined Joe. And they sat there staring at the sky. All night….. Silence reigned.
There was a strange bliss that Amy felt, and that reassured her of a fact- Joe was her angel in disguise. There is something you know that has no name, it is a tad bit more than love, and it is a lot more than mere friendship and somewhere close to divinity.
That’s the relationship they shared.
Time played folly and that ended their togetherness. But it was a beginning of another wait for a meeting which would go on till eternity not bonded by life, death, or any materialistic thing…..
They were rightly called Soulmates. :)