Saturday, March 14, 2009


For someone who is meant to leave to take up his dreams...
For someone who is meant to soar higher, leaving behind his peers..
For someone who is meant to explore the upper limits of his aims...
Today it is me...Tomorrow it could be you...
The feelings, i am sure, will be the same.....
I was collecting all my scribbled pages, just to put them in trash, when i came across this poem i'd written while attending a presentation in my office. There was no motive behind writing a farewell poem. But today it seems relevant :)

To my breath
To my sight
To those dreams
Which gave life to life

To the cares
To the love
To the friends
Who made sky worth a flight

To the folks
To the hearts
to the minds
Which mend and broke the visions of the eyes

Its time to leave
To depart
To disappear
In the enigmatic night sky….