Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Bonded in chains
Chains of desire, wishes and pleasure
I am lost in a maze
The walls seem high
The path seems strange
Every time I take a road
Towards You, and decide my aims
I realize I am bonded in chains

Closed in a shell
A shell which encompasses all pretty things
I know not how to escape
The door seems so tight
The latch seems invisible
Every time i try to see the Real world
Where all's so well
I realize i am closed in a shell

Tied with a rope
Rope that portray both friends and foes
The rope seems unbreakable
I wonder at its might
Its me who has made the bond so strong
Every time I yearn for freedom, with hope
I realize i am tied with a rope

Soul is free
Free of bonds, ropes and chains
It can soar high
Break barriers, overcome pain
Every time it rebels and fights to become free
I realize, the chain, the shell, the rope is ME.