Friday, January 09, 2009

Forty Winks and a Dream

The usual afternoons are rather boring. The classrooms are dull; the teachers seem to be talking to walls. The college canteens are deserted and if they are not, they seem like rehab where students are trying to overcome their weaknesses, relaxing, sleeping, doing everything in slow motion.

Talking about the IT industry, the training rooms are filled with faces that have no clue of what they are doing. The desktops hide the sleepy eyes, which are tired of staring into the screen, from the trainers. The chairs and the tables serve other purposes. The AC does its job quite well. There are some minds who pretend to be working with a minesweeper or a solitaire window minimized. All the others are either working or trying to prove that they deserve much more than what they get paid for.

The meeting rooms act as Pseudo theatres where none of the presentations seem interesting, unless you are giving them. The audience (oops...should I say the project team members?) try to stare at the screen, occasionally getting up, pretending to attend calls- calls from wife, house-owner, room-mate, friend or for that matter, nature as well.

The souls who have to spend the afternoons in cubicles have a hard time trying to keep up pace with work in the post lunch session.

This reminds me of a dream that I saw a few days ago. No prize for guessing that I was indeed taking a catnap on my desk, in my cubicle.

I remember I was reading a mail from my friend, Muggs, telling me about her sister's experience in IPS training…. And I slipped into a reverie….

I am at Muggs' place, sitting on the couch, munching our favorite snacks over a cup of coffee, viewing some pictures on Picasa. We talk..

Muggs(M) : My sister just learnt how to load a revolver in her IPS training.

Me (Y): Awesome yaar. Sounds so interesting.

M: I think she has really lived her dream. Very few can do it.

Y: It is easy to talk about the crime and the criminals but it is really tough take a decision like this. I am sure she'll be role model to many complacent people....ummm...... like me.... Actually I feel this is the time to do something.

M: Then why don't you appear for the civil services exams.

Y : I am scared. It isn't that easy... I am not scared about getting through, but the nemesis we may have to face once we pass these exams. The criminal nexus is strong and normal people like us cannot do it. It’s just not possible.

M: Tai did it.. Today I realize that to overcome 'that' fear we need to have power. We can only change the system by being a part of the system.

And when we realize that we can do it, realize the positives of power, which can do good to the society, we end up deciding something good -for ourselves, and for the society.

Y: You are right, girl... very right.. You have put me in the thought process. I will do something for myself, for the society... IAS.. IPS...

My set of aims needs a makeover. I will know how to load a revolver then... ..;) ;)

“Dhishkyaauu Dhishkyaauu...”

"Yamini....Yamini....What's wrong?" questioned my TL staring back at me. I found the entire row looking at me intently.

“You need to get the task reviewed. Let's deliver it before 6… “, said my TL.
I got up, gave a forced smile and mumbled,” Sure!”.

Only if I had a revolver…

I cursed the afternoon, the forty winks and my dream...

I walked towards the restroom, like a zombie.... only to come back and work like one.