Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ascension : “Antithesis”

This is my entry to Short Fiction writing contest "Ascension" @

Visit the above blog and I am sure you’ll have a treat reading the entries. There are over 120 entries and you can delve into the insight of various minds, who have written their perception of the picture.

My take goes like this :


It seemed like an eternity, flying in the sky. His impatience was reaching the acme as he craved to breathe the fresh air of his homeland. He peeped outside the window thinking about his folks, desperately waiting to see them. He slipped into a Utopian fantasy imagining the wonderful times that were in store. Raj's face lit up as he heard the announcement. His lashes were wet with joy as he waited intently for the jet to land...

She tried to hold back the tears as she parked her car in the parking lot. She'd never felt so helpless in her life. She walked towards the foyer and wished that she'd disappear for a moment. She moved towards the escalator with all the strength she had.

Meera felt numb as the crowd rushed hurriedly towards the entrance. She realized that the flight had landed.

Raj walked towards the exit and scrutinized all the faces, trying to spot a known one. He eagerly waited for someone to rise up the escalator.

As the escalator moved up, Meera relived all the moments of terror, bloodshed and shock. The dead, wounded faces of Raj’s parents sent a chill through her spine.

She saw Raj walking towards her. She couldn’t hold back her tears as she saw him wave elatedly.

He held her close, pressing her cheeks with his wet ones. Tears were inexorable.

He looked deep in her eyes and she wondered what to say..

They cried together - for different reasons…