Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Daddu tum..

My grandfather aka Daddu had a cataract operation. I thought I would enquire about his health, vision and broken wrist. He was busy reading the newspaper when I entered and yelled at the top of my voice, "Daddu, you are not supposed to read newspaper. Aankhe kharaab ho jaayegi". The pair of eyes which were 80 years old, stared back at me and gave me the Don't-Mess-With-Me look. Daddu replied back in defence, "Left aankh se sab sahi dikhta hai beta, right me char aana kam hai". He winked and started reading the newspaper. His optimism has always amazed me.

I asked him about his wrist. The plaster had gone, but the swelling was intact. He replied, "Tum to aise pucch rahe ho jaise main buddha ho gaya hu. Main abhi bhi 10 logo ko maar gira sakta hu", he retorted. "Jab main Dhamangaon me tha na..." and he started doing what he loved best. I was listening to this historic tale for the umpteenth time. I found it all the more interesting everytime he narrated his stories. My grandmother stared back hopelessly and interrupted to ask Daddu if he would like to have a cup of tea. She knew that Daddu, tea and the stories, just go too well. Daddu nodded and went on with his stories. After a while he stopped abruptly realising something, asked me to come close and whispered, "Beta,chai laate waqt chini thoda zyada daal dena... "

I smiled back and did what i loved the most.. Preparing tea for my daddu..
While I helped my grandmother prepare tea I could hear Daddu recite his favorite rhyme
"Ye wahi kalyug ki amrut hai,
jiski ek boond,
kisi murde ke muh me daala,
to murda uth khada hota hai"..

I gave him the cup and the saucer. He sipped the tea and began narrating the same ol' story...
Dhamangaon, Daddu, Chai and a great great evening...
I hope the time stands still and this tryst never ends…