Monday, November 24, 2008

Waiting for you...

Goodness is reigning again
There isn’t any grief or pain
The winds are blowing towards the east
There is peace and tranquillity in the beast
The black clouds are friends with the blue
It’s evening, I am still waiting for you..

The soldier in the house next door
Is on another journey seeking for something more
The kith and kin don’t seem sad
They have accepted the departure of the nomad
I believe in intuitions, even if they seem untrue
It’s evening; I am still waiting for you

The Children have vacated the playground
The Crickets have started conversing in their peculiar sound
The street bulbs are making the tar appear bright
They say, the sun is gone, and it is night
But night is the time when talks start anew
It’s past the evening; and I am still waiting for you.

PS: Somewhere, some song inspired me to write this down. The wait of someone who has gone since long is really tough. The wait is the most frustrating period. Especially when you know you’ll have to do it all your life, until the next one, when you can only hope and pray that you don’t have to do it all over again…..