Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror strikes again...

I was lucky to see the sunrise today. The morning breeze convinced me of the safety of my folks....
The humanity was in ashes on the western coast. 101 people were killed and the hopes of millions were shattered. You never know if you will get to see the next morning, play with you children, fulfill all the wishes of your parents, do whatever you always wanted to do.
For many, it was an end to dreams, hopes and aspirations. The victims, of terrorists’ strikes in Mumbai last night, have lost it all. They have fallen prey to some fanatical religious principles. Either there are attacks claiming that religious doctrines stand supreme or they go on killing people saying that, that is how the evil will end. You attack, then counter attack and then nothing remains. The humanity will end one day if this goes on.
I was trying to heal my broken heart, when I realized there are many other people who are going through a lot of pain. Only if God heeded once…
My condolences to all the families who have lost their loved ones…. May their souls rest in peace…
And salute to the undying courage of Mumbaikars…

One out of the many seemed to have survived the attacks. An insight to his mind may go like this…

When I was twenty and two
I fought for peace and independence too
I thought the air one day shall be clean
The joy after struggle, our children will redeem

But now when I try to see
I wonder why I don’t have the lucidity
The floors appear red, the sky appears black
After 60 years and more, it’s the peace that we still lack

I feared nothing, but now I know
I may not come back from where I go
The fireworks happen irrespective of occasion
Some lose lives, while some are taking up probation

The human spirit that once reigned
Has been replaced by vengeance, terror and pain
Man is killing man for the sake of greed
I wonder if this was inevitable, indeed

Today, I am eighty and two
I wonder, with all my might, what I can do
Succumb to those who claim they are strong?
Or blame the system and people who are wrong?

I prefer to start from where I stand
To protect the air, and my motherland
And set the aims with absolute clarity
Of saving and retaining the humanity.

Let there be peace....