Friday, November 14, 2008

My day.. Friday... Children's Day.. :)

The day is about to end. I had a really hectic day. I was supposedly busy, delivering products to clients. Was I supposed to do that today? Today is Children’s day and children can do whatever they like, on their special day. But I did not get to do what I wanted to do. :-(
Nonetheless, I got some spare time to wish myself a Happy Children’s Day. It’s way too late to get chocolates or pastries for myself. The day has almost ended. That is how things are in an IT industry.
It has been long since I saw the sunset, ran in the playgrounds with friends, been careless about bleeding knees and elbows.
It’s been really long that I took sometime out to relish on Ice-gola, not bothering about my dress. Been really really long since I mimicked my neighbour to entertain my pals…...
I miss those times so much.
The naughty brat within me is desperate for some celebration. After all it is my day. I have been celebrating this day since so long, right from the time when Ma’am Marina (the teacher whom I detested) danced on a rock-n-roll number (and then I loved her infinitely), when I was in Std 1,on children’s day, until last year, when we bought balloons and chocolates and played out-out.
Today I got nothing to do, but write down all my babyish feelings in a blog post.
Every time people tell me “Behave, you are a grown up now”, the kid in me says “Not yet.. There is an eternity left… “

I hear someone screaming “Stop behaving childish, and get back to work”. Huh… How ‘bout a bunk from the office today???

BTW folks, Happy Children’s Day, Have fun, coz I am gonna have some, right now…
Catchya later ;)... i need to get going, before some uncle/aunty catches me again ... :D :D :D