Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Klueless, not anymore :-)

The best thing about being a child is that things are never complicated.

Once upon a time, I realized I had grown up.(In all terms ;-) )… The games of hide and seek and treasure hunts no more excited me. I was used to playing Solitaire on my PC, surf the sites which increased my knowledge (which was of no use.. ) and aid my ignorance.. Until I found out that ignorance was indeed bliss.

Twice upon a time, I thought of doing something that the big people did… Appear for the MBA entrance. I did that with all my gut feeling of not getting thru, and guess what?, the gut feeling was indeed correct. I didn’t make it to any of the elite institutes. I got a certification for my aptitude. It was only 60 and 5 percent… Nonetheless, complacency reigned as I chose not to fret over what had happened.

Thrice upon a time, I was asked to increase my knowledge base to survive in the IT industry so that I get some promotion (as if I cared about it).. I thought of overcoming my inadequacies and increase my aptitude of a 60 and 5 to a 90 and 8. (I haven’t been successful till date). I tried to find out what the guys at the IIMs did.

And then once upon a very good time, I found out an amazing thing called Klueless which was being devised by the 90 and something aptitude holders.
The best thing about being Klueless initially and then ending up with all the answers that you were looking for, for an eternity, is that you get a high like you’ve caught your friend hiding in the most unpredicted place. That was the game of hide and seek that we played.

And today there is Klueless. Things are so complicated, yet so simple. The Klues are so obvious, yet invisible, The frustration is horrible, but so satisfying ….
I have completed Klueless 4 today. The high, the euphoria is inexplicable.

I know, most of you guys have no idea about what I am talking, but trust me this is worth a try… hit it :-->

It’s always good to think the way it is not supposed to be. Trust me we were far better when we knew less, because we thought just what was needed to be thought of… nothing more, nothing less.

Klueless takes you back to Simplicity through many complications.

Me thinks, that above mentioned url is worth a hit…

I am a satisfied soul today…

IRIS guys.. thank you :)