Friday, October 10, 2008


While coloring the faded phases of life
The entire effort made me realize
I was chasing a futile dream
I wasn’t ready to take up challenges and strife.

I stopped looking back and stopped complaining
I thought of tomorrow, but the present day was reigning
I thought of nature’s plan and act
For peace and well-being all were craving.

Nature’s fury frightened all souls
She reprimanded her pivotal role
There were lives that were dreaming of future
But on the present moment, nobody had control.

Living in an illusionary world and space
I was thinking of the past blessings and grace
I tried to utilize my imagination
Nothing, but ‘Today’ seemed to be in place.

Hope for tomorrow will never betray
It toughens our will and shows us the way
But the present moment rules, it suppresses all
The truth, the power, the strength is “Today”.