Friday, October 03, 2008

To the Clan called "Grandparents"

"Tell me one thing seriously; do you have any problem with any of your guy-friends? Is anyone or anything troubling you?” enquired my grand mom. I could see her black-turning-into-blue eyes stare at me with apprehension. Her spectacles bore a layer of dust. She had just dropped in from her hometown to mine.
I was amazed by her question. The scenario was somewhat similar to my Gramma’s apprehension. I was in trouble. And she sensed it.

She gave a smile- one of those naughty ones which you see on the face of a 4 year old brat. “Caught you”, I heard her soul talk to mine. She could see through me. My mum never knew me so well. My Gramma did.

I ignored the topic and convinced her that everything was fine. Her paranoia about a girl residing alone in a metropolitan city was reasonable. She told me the usual things which old people tell the young lot. I heard it all before leaving for place which helped me earn bread and butter. I left my hometown for my job-town and during the journey I wondered what was so special between that old lady and me. Yes, the one common and most special thing was my mom –her daughter and my mother.

This time when I left home, I did not cry. I smiled as I traveled my way back. My soul had a therapy. It underwent cleansing. It saw the beauty. It came all through the two stars shining behind those dust-laden spectacles.

There are times when you feel like knowing whether God is listening to you or not. You want Him to speak to you. Trust me he does it. For me He spoke through my Grand mom.

My screensaver pops up as my PC goes from the active mode to idle mode. I stare at the screen, lost in thoughts. I am thinking about someone. I am thinking about something. I am thinking about someplace. The screensaver shows the same pair of spectacles- staring at me. The dust on the spectacles remains intact. I wonder what makes the vision so clear for her, when it seems impossible for me to see the obvious with absolute clarity.

I was just reassured about one truth:- There is someone looking at(after) me all the time. The Blessings of the Clan called the Grandparents, means a lot.
Trust me…. I ain't kidding....