Friday, October 10, 2008

The SMS lady

There have been so many instances when he felt like hitting the same phone on her head with which she sent those darned SMSes. He wanted to talk it all out and she took the silent way of communicating. Oh! and how silent was that??!! The expressions of all the written statements were left to his interpretation. Alpha, like all guys, believed in communication in true terms, where as Beta- his SMS lady believed in expression, medium-immaterial.

The messages which the girl sent were as explicit as:

“Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream, hope and love...It Makes Life Beautiful”
“If i were a tear in ur eye i wood roll down onto ur lips. But if u were a tear in my eye i wud never cry as i wud be afraid 2 lose u!”

And poor guy took it the way he wanted it to, without getting the real essence. He forwarded this message to all his friends with no intentions. What is an SMS supposed to mean, after all?

The SMS lady thought she was clear in her expressions; Alpha did not get any of it.

Alpha was lost deep in thoughts, when his cell phone gave a “Toiinnggg!!” message beep again. “Oh no!!”, he mumbled. He checked the cell phone. It read “1 message received”. He thought he’d call up Beta right away without letting his interpretations work. Without reading the message he dialled the number “Beta-GF5”

On Beta’s N 93: “Alpha Calling” , Hello tune: One love –Blue.
Beta: Hey sweetheart. How are you? I am the railway station. I am waiting for you. Hope to see you soon. Bye.
Alpha: Hell….

Beep Beep Beep Beep….

Alpha: Hell!!!!! I can’t go anywhere. Got a race in 15 min.
F1 or GF?? GF or F1??? His mind was in utter confusion. He had to choose between the two and this was tougher than selecting a matching hair bow for a peach-mauve-pinkish shaded gown.

All said and done!! Beta thought why Alpha did not care to ask why she needed to go to the railway station. Thoughts began to creep up, and she translated all of them into messages.

MessagesWrite New “Wat do u think u r? I thot u wud ask me y I wz gng to d statn. Anywz. Wnted to tell u tht I m gng...., foreva. If u wanna meet me for the last time, cm to the statn.”
Message Sent.

This was the umpteenth time Beta had warned Alpha of leaving the town. Alpha thought there was no need to worry about the girl, as this was one of those faux alarms which would get back to normalcy once presented with a bunch of roses.
But the SMS lady was indeed serious this time. She was leaving because she realized Alpha never understood what she expressed. Her feelings were merely one sided. And she thought Alpha had none. Nobody knew what Alpha felt. But Beta lacked the right way of expression. She lost it all, despite expressing her love. The problem was, she did not express it right enough.

Lesson learnt: Face you fears, talk things out. Look into the persons eyes when u confess, talk or chastise. Be brave enough to accept rejection, disapproval or extermination.

PS: this was one of the best lessons I learnt while having a conversation with a friend, over a cup of coffee. He told me a story and i got his point right away.
Whenever I had to discuss things I always took the medium that suited me best –emails, letters or SMS. I never dared to clear things even on phone only for the fear of being let down by the person on the other side. But i realized that people just don’t get the point you want to make, unless you look straight in their eyes and tell it to them. I’ve learnt to talk straight since then. It really works, though I sometimes happen to end up writing things down, just like this post.
Thank you SMS lady. Your experience was a lesson for me:).