Monday, September 08, 2008

Master of your Principles or Slave of your Temptation

I decided to take a walk by the sea-side. I wanted to face my fears. The waves were rising high. The wind blew recklessly. The sea shore was being evacuated. People were asked to move away from the coastline. The waves were considered to be high tide and they would cause mayhem if the nature fancied.

I volunteered and asked the crowd to move away from the sea to a safer refuge. I picked up a toddler but it set itself free and toddled its way to the shore. I knew it would be as good as risking life if I went to the sea shore to enjoy the serenity of the moon and the sound of the waves, to face the tides and accept my apprehensions.

The facts silently screamed that I shouldn’t explore the forbidden territories. But the seeker was desperate for the Golden Snitch. I had to go ahead and see what was in store. I wanted to stand there and feel the waves hitting me hard. I wanted to sing with the wind, dance with the waves, and walk without any control on the sand –coarse and wet.

I was scared of the outcome. The fishermen kept on warning us. I gave a deaf ear. My conscience wore a cloak and disappeared for sometime. The fisherman seemed dead somewhere. I was left all alone to experience the beauty of the night, the subtlety of nature and the might of the sea. It was beautiful. The temptation took me to a place which was an exact replica of my reverie.

I loved being there, though I never wanted to be. I feared facing the sea –vast and flawless. It was against my principles to discompose the integrity of nature. I was the master of my principles.

……And then I became the slave of temptation. I wasn’t afraid anymore…

Once again I come to thee
To be the self I wanted to be
The rules are broken
The truth besieged…
I am a slave of avarice
I am a slave of greed

I take my steps back
And retrace my way
I was the master of my principles
I would swear by it or slay.

Gone are the times
When I was ready for redemption
I am no more a hypocrite
I am a slave of temptation…

I care for none but for me
I am the self you want me to be
The changes are inevitable
The fear recedes
I am a slave of life
I am a slave of greed…

There is no time for guile
There is no time for pretension
Am I the master of my principles ??
Or the slave of temptation??