Tuesday, September 09, 2008

For you...:)

The simplicity in the pose and the perfection in the click inspired me to write this rhyme down. This one’s for you Di.. Cheers!! :)

My Sunrise.

Where were you, all these days?
When i walked all alone and searched my ways?
Where were you when I needed a song?
When my poems lost rhyme and no one came along..

I looked for you, for an eternity and more
I looked for your footprints on the seashore
I found none, feared you were gone
I waited for the sun to set and waited till it was dawn

I found a part of you seeking the sky
I stared at the sun, it hurt my eye
I sensed something, I knew it was nice
It was exactly You, it was the Sunrise

That day I sat and watched sun change its course
The nature seemed powerful, I marveled at her force
I could look at the sun all day long
My poems began to rhyme and i turned them into a song

Everyday when the sun takes a dip in the sea
I appreciate its courage and it's beauty
And whenever I see the fire set in the blue
I wait for it to rise again, I wait for you...