Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The messenger window pops in:

VK: Solve this!!
VK: a^b+b^a=768 find a,b?
VK: In one minute!!

I grab a paper and a pen and start analyzing the equation. It has been ages since I sat with any such math problem. But I think I should be able to crack this one… I take log on both sides….
Log(a^b+b^a) =Log 768 (log 768!! ??? WTF )

I think of not using the scientific calculator… How do I go on? Wait… I can’t take a log of (a^b+b^a).. There is a plus sign!!!
Phew!! I feel like hitting my head on the wall!!
And as I think about the extent of complexity I have reached, I realize the minute is already over, and my quest for the answer reaches the zenith.
I ponder over it…and during the process I find myself in a different terrain..
I am reliving a conversation:

Nonsense: “I have my own conceptions about life. There are 3 different kinds of emotions which I think can make a……”

Sense: “Why don’t u tell me what u are feeling, in one simple statement!!

Nonsense: “That is what I am trying to tell you. I think it is very necessary to have control over your heart, coz all the wrong you do is only because of instant emotional breakdowns and sentimental termination of desires. The mind keeps you going on the right track. Apparently, there is no suffering, if u subdue your hearts requests…, I hope you get what I say!!

Sense: “No, I don’t get any of what you say.. Why do you think so much!! Keep it simple!!

Nonsense: “No it isn’t simple… you are trying to find a way out , without facing the complexity. You should realize that reality is harsh.

Sense: Reality is Virtual. You can have your own interpretations.
And for all the interpretations you make, I tell you –KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid!!!”

I find myself staring the problem again. I ping Varghese back…ask him for the answer!! And he insults saying… “mujhe to laga ki tu ye solve kar degi”… :(

I beg for the answer… the emotional turmoil and the frustration of not getting the answer correct is mounting up big time…

Answer please, I insist….

And the msngr window says:

VK: gadhi
VK: the answer is 1 and 767

How simple that was…. My approach was complex!!! I need to think about the way I handle things.
And this is what I am telling myself from the time I had a revelation: KISS KISS KISS…. Keep It Simple Stupid!!! :P